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Alan Browne
Alan Browne visits Nagle Community College (Picture by Gerard McCarthy)


A new documentary by Frameworks Films called ‘Kickstart’ will be screened on Monday 11th December 2017 at 7pm in Nagle Community College in Mahon, Cork.





‘Kickstart’ is a documentary on football culture in Mahon on the southside of Cork city. Given its relative size it has produced an above average number of outstanding players and this documentary aims to show why. It explores the links between the local football club Ringmahon Rangers, the local school Nagle Community College and the local youth club Mahon Youth Development Project and how they all work together to nurture young players.

In Kickstart we see the various options open to young players who wish to progress with their footballing career, whether that be playing at senior level in their local club of for Cork City or coaching or playing at a professional level nationally or internationally.

At a time when there has been much focus on where the next batch of young players will come from to play for Ireland in the years to come, this documentary might provide some food for thought.

‘Kickstart’ ultimately is about one community and its passion for football.

 The documentary was produced by Frameworks Films, a Cork based film production company, in collaboration with Mahon Community Development Project. It was funded by the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland under their Sound and Vision Scheme. It is also being broadcast on 13th December 2017 at 8pm on Cork Community Television which is available on Channel 803 on Virgin Media’s digital cable package and streamed live on

Recent News

A new documentary by Frameworks Films called ‘The Limerick Brigadistas – From the Shannon to the Ebro’ will be screened on Sunday 15th October at 12pm in the Gate Cinema in Cork. This screening will take place as part of the annual IndieCork Festival which runs from 8th – 15th October 2017

Filming 'The Limerick Brigadistas'
‘The Limerick Brigadistas’
tells the story of six men from Limerick who went to fight against fascism with the International Brigades during the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939). Approximately 240 Irish volunteers fought with the International Brigades during the war and the documentary will tell the story of the six men from Limerick who fought with the XV International brigade – Frank Ryan, Emmett Ryan, Joe Ryan, Gerard Doyle, Paddy Brady and Jim Woulfe.

It will explore what motivated these men to leave Ireland to fight in another country and what subsequently happened to them. The documentary follows some of the members of the Limerick International Brigades Memorial Trust as they travel to Spain to find the final resting place of some of their fellow Limerick men and to look at the relevance of their story in today’s world.


Frameworks Films will be covering the General Election count 2016 live from Cork City Hall for broadcast on Cork Community Television (CCTv). The coverage will begin at 4pm on Saturday 27th February 2016 and will be available to view on Channel 803 on the Virgin Media digital cable network (formerly UPC). The election count can also be viewed live on in the Online TV section.

Election Coverage for CCTv

Cork Community Television is a membership based, not-for-profit organisation and its primary aim is to enable communities to make, manage and broadcast television programming to reflect the interests, activities and concerns of these communities in order to effect positive social change. It is licensed by the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland and is run by a voluntary board of management. It has been operating on a small scale since it began broadcasting in 2009, bringing a wide variety of locally produced programmes to Cork audiences and it previously covered the 2011 General Election count.

Frameworks Films is a member of Cork Community Television and is a film production company that specialises in collaborative documentary production and also runs an education and outreach programme. The coverage of the general election is a huge undertaking and Frameworks would like to thank all those whose support has made it possible, in particular the Community Television Association. Commenting on the announcement Eddie Noonan of Frameworks Films says “We see this as a great opportunity to promote active citizenship and we would like to see more groups making use of their own channel here in Cork”.

The coverage will include live footage of the count plus interviews with candidates from the different constituencies.

For further information visit


A new documentary on a thrilling chapter of Limerick’s past will be screened on 11th October 2015 at 12 noon in the Gate Cinema, Cork as part of the IndieCork  Festival.  ‘The Limerick Soviet’ has been produced by Frameworks Films, in collaboration with the Limerick Council of Trade Unions.

A barricade on Sarsfield Bridge
A barricade on Sarsfield Bridge

The Limerick Soviet’ tells the story of a revolution on the streets of Limerick in April 1919 when the first soviet in Ireland was declared. It occurred as workers in the city refused to succumb to the imposition of martial law in Limerick, which had been declared following the death of a trade unionist and IRA member, at police hands. This hard-line approach by the British authorities backfired and resulted in the calling of a general strike and the effective control of the city by the workers.

The Limerick Soviet’ examines the events leading up to this dramatic event, details what happened during the strike and explores its legacy. This fascinating account of twelve days in April 1919 brings to light a forgotten episode in Irish history.

The Limerick Soviet’ was produced with the support of the Sound and Vision scheme, an initiative of the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland.

A new documentary on a unique woman from Cork will be screened at 12pm on Sunday 19th October 2014 in the Gate Cinema, Cork as part of the IndieCork Festival. ‘Mother Jones and her Children’ has been produced by Frameworks Films in collaboration with the Cork Mother Jones Commemorative Committee. For information about tickets see

‘Mother Jones and her Children’ outlines the life of the most famous Cork woman in America – Mary Jones, formerly Mary Harris. The documentary tells of her extraordinary life – her early years in Cork, her survival of the Famine and emigration to Canada, her move to the US and her marriage to George Jones, her life as a mother to four young children, her tragic loss of her entire family and later her business, her entry into the labour movement and her growing involvement in organising workers to the point where she is dubbed ‘the most dangerous women in America’.

With contributions from leading experts on Mother Jones, the documentary will restore her memory, particularly in her native city, where she is still relatively unknown to this day.

The documentary will also be broadcast shortly on Cork Community Television (available on Channel 803 on UPC’s digital cable package) and streamed live on ‘Mother Jones and her Children’ was produced with the support of the Sound and Vision scheme, an initiative of the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland.

Mother Jones


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