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Who We Are

Frameworks Films was established in 1999 by two film-makers, Eddie Noonan and Emma Bowell as a production company that not only makes its own documentary productions, but also actively promotes participation in the film-making process, through its community outreach programme.

Eddie Noonan & Emma Bowell

Eddie Noonan & Emma Bowell

Since its foundation, the main focus for Frameworks has been to develop our community outreach programme and we have worked with a large number of communities and groups on a diverse range of projects.  We have also developed methodologies for working with groups on film projects that combines our practice as film-makers with elements of community development. Central to most of our work is a desire to help build a more equal and just society and we believe that film can be a powerful medium through which to achieve this.

Our aim is to produce challenging and thought-provoking films of the highest quality possible both independently and in collaboration with others.

Our objectives are:

  • to engage and challenge audiences
  • to facilitate creative participation leading to empowerment, particularly in those who experience economic, social, psychological or physical barriers to accessing the arts
  • to develop excellence of artistic process and product using methodologies which combine artistic practice with community development models
  • to enhance our own artistic practice
  • to provide opportunities for education and training
  • to strengthen the understanding of diverse cultures in Ireland
  • to support the development of Community Television in Cork

Frameworks Films has received funding and support from the Arts Council, Cork City Council, Cork City Enterprise Board and the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland, through the Sound & Vision Scheme.

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