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Film Project with Nasc - The Irish Immigrant Support Centre
Initial production work on a film project exlploring the theme of cultural diversity, funded under the Arts Council's Arts Participation Project.

Music Alive
Production of a short piece on music for people with intellectual disabilities

Film Project with the Cork Centre for Independent Living
Initial work on a programme to be broadcast on Cork Community Television on the impact of cuts for people with disabilities.

I Went Down to the North Infirmary
Completion of a documentary produced in collaboration with the Northside Folklore Project which explores the significance of the North Infirmary to the people of Cork through oral history interviews, historical documents, archival film footage and photographs. Former employees and patients share their memories of this northside hospital, bringing life to this iconic building. The film also examines the impact of its closure on the local community.

A Brief History of Mahon
This film consists of interviews with local people from the Mahon area of Cork, in particular Mahon's older residents and also shows archive material of the area, along with present day footage. The film also provides an opportunity to look at how Mahon is developing into the future. It was part of the three part series called 'Corklore', produced for broadcast on Cork Community Television.

Skiddy's - Living in a National Monument
This hour long documentary has been produced in collaboration with the Social Housing Development Company and looks at the past, present and future of this unique building in Cork. Built in 1718 Skiddy's Almshouse is one of only two national monuments to survive in Cork city. This eighteenth century Almshouse has provided housing for people in need for nearly three hundred years and continues to do so today. The film charts the history of the building, including a section on the dramatic events in the 1960s when the building was due to be demolished. The documentary also shows the extensive renovation work, which was recently carried out on the building, to prepare it for use as social housing once again. Finally the documentary meets the new tenants of Skiddy’s and asks them about their experience of living in a co-operative environment in a national monument.

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